Taffer Teresa Will Have A Goldfishy On A Little Dishy When Christmas Comes In

Okay, we’ve heard of a few bizarre Christmas dinners in our time, but Teresa over at Boolprop Fight The Addiction False has reset the breakfast bar with this one.

taffer teresa's bizarre christmas dinner

Rflong7/13’s however was a little more conventional.

taffer teresa's bizarre christmas dinner 1

(Yes, she’s playing with her plumbobs even there! Actually, that’s nicer than any of the ones she uses on the EA forum – a big up yours to the Simgurus there!)

taffer teresa's bizarre christmas dinner 2

Of course, she’s got bugger all chance of getting one made over here right now, so time to stick on the Sims 3 and get building one yourselves – or alternatively shove on that Frozen DVD you’ve sworn to everyone you know you don’t have a copy of.

For those who haven’t ever saw this – anyone who doesn’t shed a tear (dammit blub uncontrollably) from two minutes twenty seconds onwards had all the heart of an EA Customer Services agent.

Or a Disney copyright protection lawyer, right Simtastic-Loubilou?

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

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