Ade_Darma’s New Hair – Here’s A Really Revolutionary Suggestion About It


Ade_Darma’s got this new hair called Frostbyte!

ade darma's new hair called frostbyte

We’ve got a really great idea about it!

Why not download it from the original creator!

You know, instead of waiting for some thieving little sod to post up a ‘retexture’ because you find it soooooo inconvenient to wait a whole ten seconds or whatever to download it from The Sims Resource.

What? You have adblockers so it takes a minute and you can’t do anything else internet related because the timer stops if you switch browser tags?

Then think of all the exciting productive things you could be doing in that minute!

You could refill your drink! Get a snack! Go to the toilet! Brush your teeth! Clear your computer’s recycle bin! Clear your Sims 3 DC Backup file (remember to leave the ccmerged file alone)! Make that phone call you keep putting off! Make Graham Nardone with Silly Putty and then squash him flat! Have a wank! Endless possibilities, endless!

And all much more fun than sitting moaning how long it’s taking.

Go on – you know it makes sense.

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