Simplesion Simply Puts The Dim Into Dimblr

Okay, we’ve done enough jokes as it is about Dimblr users not exactly being the brightest bulbs in the box, but this one really takes the bumnugget cake.

okay how dumb is this

So Helena-Notdissimilar posted up publicly a load of Simfileshare codes for Simmers wanting to use it to upload but not wanting to wait to be approved (jeez folks, how thick are you? Just tell Delphy you’re a schoolgirl and you’ll be approved within twenty four hours… allegedly…).

That was stupid enough (or at least we are assuming Delphy has put in a way to find people who joined with particular codes and expel them to deter neer-do-wells… if not… oh dear! Expect a knock on the door from the Garda when the inevitable happens…), but for Simplesion to admit to using one and which one in particular they have used successfully…

manul says the fail is strong with this one

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