So That’s BrunetteSimGirl Returned With Her First Blog Post In Over A Year…

Alas, between now…

brunettesimgirl returns 1

… and then…

brunettesimgirl returns

… the former (second) owner of Simstopia (one of the Simming world’s might have been moments…) has gone over to the Pastel Side.

It’s a bit like the Dark Side in Star Wars, except a lot blander. If Darth Vadar had been made by the Simgurus behind Sims 4, he’d have looked rather like this:

brunettesimgirl returns 2

And he wouldn’t have had a Lightsaber, he’s have had a Mr Wibbly Wobbly’s Glow Galatine or some other stupid name only someone with the sense of humour of a concussed duck would find funny.

Never mind. Welcome back.


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