R.I.P. Lemmy – ‘A Million Real Good Times’

To think it was only last month we posted this

The quintessential rock’n’roll outlaw – one of the architects of the bridge to punk and heavy metal via the ‘back to basics’ Motörhead at the time prog and glam were at their zenith. Unapologetic hedonist, raconteur… and computer gamer.

StarFox‘s most famous fan at a time when computer games were still considered only for ‘kids’ or ‘nerds’, starred in three video games himself doing the voiceovers, Lemmy did whatever he damn well liked, liked whatever he damn well liked, regardless of what anyone else thought or the dictates of the zeitgeist…

… and died happy whilst playing the games he loved, still enjoying life with the band he created and loved were about to embark on a tour for their first studio album to go Top Ten for thirty three years (Bad Magic).

rip lemmy from motorhead and hawkwind

There will never be quite another character like Lemmy – they haven’t made the universe big enough yet to handle the job.

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