***NEWSFLASH!*** New Hair From Skysims And Nightcrawler At TSR – And The Race Is On To Be The First To ‘Retexture’ Them!

new hair from Skysims and the race is one

Hot off the presses, it’s yet another new hair from Skysims – she’s meshing up such a storm these days, you’d be forgiven for thinking her name was Patricia, Frank or even Nino!

With only twenty four hours left to go in 2015, the question is… will one of the Simming communities ‘retexturers’ be able to rush out a half arsed ‘retexture’ job before the bells for 2016 ring? In the mad dash to be ready for the bells, will they find the five minutes spare to make a few random sweeps with GIMP to claim the plaudits for someone else’s hard work from the benefit of the anti-TSR-for-‘political‘-reasons cockbadgers?


whistling mares nest version whistling mares nest version

P.S. And now Nightcrawler-DarkoSims has joined the race!

new hair from Skysims and the race is one 1

Stop it, you foul fiends! Can’t you hear our hard drives begging for mercy?!

By the way, anyone who manages to retexture and upload both in time for the bells will be declared the official 2015 Shitehawk Of The Year.

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