And Yes, Someone ‘Retextured’ The Nightcrawler Laurie Hair – Before The Sun Set On The Original Day Of Posting!

You couldn’t make this up!

‘Ken Hay’? Shouldn’t there be a ‘Fu-‘ at the front of that?

yannna retexturing nightcrawler's work the same day it came out

This Yannna didn’t even make the texture themselves – simply took one made by another ‘retexturer’, Shockshame, stuck it in Nightcrawler’s hard work, and sicked it up onto the internet before you could shout ‘stop thief!’

Are we really, really being oversensitive about this matter when it has got to the stage a creator doesn’t even get twenty four hours to enjoy the applause of his fellow Simmers as the fruits of days and hours of their spare time labours, before some spotty bumnugget bungs some bootleg copy onto the web?

thatsit  thatsit

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