JaysWrxld’s Necrothreading Brings Grant Rodiek’s Old Skeleton Out Of The Cupboard (Not Broomhilda!)

new year same old sims 4 complaints

Two hours into the new year (or at least out in California…) and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be any more of a happy new year for those who foolishly invested their hope and money on Sims 4.

For those of you who require reminding, here it is straight from the bumnugget’s mouth written on 23rd September 2013.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 2

Simified has since scrubbed the interview off in accordance with EA’s diktats to its pet toadies. Unfortunately for EA, we are far from being one of their pet toadies and ergo it will remain up here until Doomsday.

For LoveMcQueen5683 – who only joined in May last year  – this was a new revelation about the extent to which Grant Rodiek and the rest told Simmers what they wanted to hear in order to get them on board with the base game.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 1

But ah MrSimmis, the point is we were all told that Sims 4 was not a rushed release, that it had been carefully planned out to be more ‘tactile and innovative’ than before, that we were only getting to see a ‘tiny fraction of the final content’…

new year same old sims 4 complaints 3

As Voldemort would say, ‘Spoken like a true politician!’

Of course, with loading screens most accepted it would be in the same limited format as Sims 2, but equally they accepted they would at least be base game!

new year same old sims 4 complaints 4

When ‘things change’ NZsimm3r, would you not equally accept that the onus is on those providing the inaccurate information to clarify and update accordingly before release day, that caveat emptor is an unacceptable manner for a gaming company to treat its loyal customers?

As LoveMcQueen5683 says, they lied – or at least indulged in ‘truth economics’ – whereas Simfan923 reacted the way Sims 4 are wont to do whenever an unpalatable truth is uttered – deflect, deflect, deflect.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 5

But the prize for thickest Simmer on the thread went to Ravager619:

new year same old sims 4 complaints 6

facepalmhy2  shakehead


You go back along the thread posts, look for the long gap in the timeline between two posts, and voila!

Not exactly rocket science, is it? So easy, even a Sims 4 player can understand it.

But whilst the likes of the above and KevWalker were all for burying bad news, at least some who went over to the Pastel Side like the much missed in Sims 3 quarters ElanorBreton saw the funny side.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 7

LuthianRising was the next apologist and excuse maker – and her two paragraphs of waffle were shot down brilliantly by two sentences of Rflong7/13.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 8

bravo  point

Luthianrising was not best pleased.

new year same old sims 4 complaints 9

Better watch out Rflong7/13 – that’ll be you having another hate post in Sim Secret with lots of big grown up swear words attached to it!

‘But call me whatever you like’? Hmmm, Rflong7/13 never called you anything? Is that someone’s guilty conscience speaking – judging others by her own standards of behaviour?

whistling mares nest version  scratchhead

The strange thing is that LuthienRising was far from making excuses for EA less than a month ago when they f**ked up her Sims 4 gaming for her big time:

new year same old sims 4 complaints 10

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

So what’s happened between now and then, Luthianrising? Did some Simguru buy you a lollipop?

Phoebesmom601 met much of the same when she pulled up PonderTheSims’ ludicrous fallacies… ‘challenging changes’ indeed!

new year same old sims 4 complaints 11

A fed up BlueTurtleOtter tore Luthienrising not merely a new one, but a hole in the Space-Time continuum:

new year same old sims 4 complaints 12

But as LoveMcQueen6583 says, they have your money, and all you have is the knowledge of being had!

new year same old sims 4 complaints 13

‘I do think they put in a lot of effort and soul into Spa Day and Get Together but that doesn’t excuse the dead limp corpse that is the base game. All they are really doing is adding lipstick and perfume to a dead body but hunny, it still stinks’

Most eloquently put!

bravo  bravo

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