Dishonesty And An Rflong7/13 Mystery Over At Sim Secret

It’s time now to talk to you all about a little mystery that’s been puzzling us since the weekend. But first, let’s set the scene:

On Sunday 27th December, the day after what proved to be Hooptytrib’s final edition of Sim Secret, he announced the new moderator was… someone who hadn’t announced publicly they were applying for it.

prah2010 takes over at sim secret

Prah2010? Erm, who?

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 1

Perhaps predictably, Hooptytrib decided to hand over control to a fellow LiveJournaler only interested in Sims 2 with ‘traditional’ Simmies: ie. all looking like Nicholas Cage, although this one does at least have a Dimblr as well, so they’re not a complete Luddite.

In fact, they used their Dimblr to express their disappointment with how their first moderated issue of Sim Secret had gone, on Saturday 2nd January.

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 2

However, some of the snark-kiddies were equally unhappy that they have apparantly been taken over by a Social Justice Warrior, with one post being rejected on quite bizarre ideological grounds:

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 3

‘Hate speech and bullying’? What? The very Sim Secret which has been the ringleader and agent provocateur for all manner of hate speech towards the likes of MedleyMisty, Sharkloverplayer, Berrypie, etc… simply because they find them ‘annoying’?

So what was so heinous about the above post that wasn’t included in the latest update?

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 4

Someone saying ‘you’re the worst’ towards some Dimblr run by someone who describes themselves as ‘very gay’ and having all gay Simmies… that somehow qualifies as ‘hate speech’ or bullying?

yewot  scratchhead

If this is the level to which Sim Secret has descended already under its new mistress, it is in trouble at once with some selective political correctness junkie at the helm.

However, there was also an even more bizarre moment later:

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 5

Remember, this was posted on Friday/Saturday 1st/2nd.

Which seems bizarre, considering we’d reposted the above on the previous Sunday – the 27th December – after it had appeared on the last Hooptytrib edition of Sim Secret!

We double checked, and the original posting on the 27th December edition had now vanished. Also the reposting appeared to have attracted comment when the original version drew nil!

So, has Pruh saw fit to start recycling old SS posts that don’t get noticed first time around in a bid to court controversy?

Even more puzzling, the matter of Rflong7/13 ding-dong with Mod The Sims back in 2011 was dragged up… or rather the faked one at Garden of Shadows.

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 6

Right. The same Sim Secret snark kiddies that for the last year have been moaning on about posts about ‘official forum’ Simmers they know nothing about suddenly remember events from almost five years ago?

prah2010 takes over at sim secret 8

‘An awesome mod?’ You mean dated, out of touch, and a touch dubious? Well that’s what the other Awesome Mod is…

All of the above, combined with what looked most like a self-posted crawl up to the new Dear Leader leaves us suspecting that Sim Secret may very well have been taken over by someone not averse to a little dishonesty to ‘sex’ up the blog…

whistling mares nest version  wag_finger

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