Cloverstardropper’s Psychotically Tidy Desktop

Okay Simmers, are you as worried as we are by this?

cloverstardropper's unnaturally tidy desktop

Note the Sims 3 icon, GTA V, Cities Skyline, Skyrim and Alice Madness Returns. But no Sims 4 – get it right up your brown rings, EA!

Look at it – all that empty space with thirty neat little icons in one corner like her desktop’s the Star Spangled Wotsit.

No millions of project folders, notes, or any of the other paraphanalia any normal untidy wretch has on their computer front screen.

Don’t get us wrong, our desktops aren’t that untidy, but seriously Switch, that level of desktop tidiness says ‘I like fava beans and a nice Chianti…’

scared  scared

cloverstardropper's unnaturally tidy desktop 1

Anyway, we’re worried about the level of hate you are showing to Odin Arrow, considering he looks rather like Aurelio Voltaire if he started getting into Belle And Sebastian and went all fuzzy and fey…

cloverstardropper's unnaturally tidy desktop 2

wag_finger  wag_finger

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