David Bowie: Farewell To The Thin White Duke/Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane, Etc…

A small tribute to the man with more alias than an EA forum troll – albeit a million times more entertaining and talented…

Over on Lost Island…

rip david bowie

‘Is this some sort of callisthentics Vidkid20 has roped you all into?’

rip david bowie 1

‘It’s the only true way to celebrate the life of one of the most talented musicians the world’s ever known, Rowan – getting on down to all our favourite songs in his mighty canon.’

‘Oh, you mean he was an artillery officer? What was he, Haily? Royal Hussers?’

rip david bowie 2

‘No, that’s Adam Ant you’re thinking of, although he ripped his style off too. Everybody did. Marilyn Mansun, Lady Gaga, Pulp, My Chemical Romance, the punks, the new romantics, the proggers when they wanted to become pop stars, even science fiction adopted his tropes for their own. He made transgender acceptable, married fashion, art and style into music like no one before him or since, and refused to be pigeonholed in anything he did. He was the consummate entertainer for all seasons.’

‘You mean he ate a lot, Cloverstardropper?’

‘Only if it was plantains roasted over an open fire, Willow.’

‘Shouldn’t that be chestnuts?’

‘Oh Willow, you British don’t eat chestnuts. You bore holes in their centres, tie them to bits of string and hit one another with them.’

‘At least we don’t think you make a cup of tea by throwing the chests into Boston harbour!’

rip david bowie 3

‘So who’s that on stage, Haily?’

‘Haven’t you guessed? After all, it’s his party…’

rip david bowie 4

‘… you can thank Laspyra later!’

rip david bowie 5

rip david bowie 6

‘While we sleep they go to work. We’re legally crippled, it’s the death of love.’

[Davie Bowie: ‘Up The Hill Backwards’ (final single from ‘Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – written about his divorce from Angie and having to get on with life in the face of the reaction from the media.]

Meanwhile Angie Bowie was blubbing on some tacky reality TV show having realised what fame she ever had – reflected fame – and the money that came with it had just dried up. Whatever.

Why have so many mourned Bowie? Not merely because he was a fabulous musician not afraid to take risks and try something even though it might go pear shaped (never mind Tin Machine, what about Baal?) but because he was one of those rarities in the music business of being a bloody nice guy who stayed a bloody nice guy even once he was an A-lister.

Just ask Iggy Pop, who would have been six foot under long ago had Bowie not been around to help him get his head together.

(Pity he wasn’t around to stop Iggy shagging a teddy bear on the children’s TV show No.73 years later, but even Bowie couldn’t have stopped that one…)

He never forgot the years of struggle when only Austria and New Zealand would buy his records before ‘Starman’ changed all that. No other recording artist has managed to have major hit records of new material over six consecutive decades. Bowie did, despite being written off in just about every single one.

As such he was encouraging to other acts and artists right to the end. That’s why so many mourn him – it almost marks the end of an era, the last of the great gentlemen of entertainment.

Five Bowie standards reentered the UK Top 30 Singles Chart today – ‘Heroes’, ‘Life On Mars?’, ‘Starman’, Let’s Dance’ and ‘Space Oddity’. Should have been Top 10. Oh well.

Remember the great man the way he would want you to – by enjoying whatever of his songs were your favourites: whether ‘Life On Mars’, ‘Scary Monsters And Super Creeps’, ‘Heroes’, ‘Love You Till Tuesday’, ‘Space Oddity’, ‘Let’s Dance’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Modern Love’, ‘Ashes To Ashes’, ‘Baal’s Hymn’, ‘Young Americans’… even ‘The Laughing Gnome.’

He went out the way he came in: on his own terms, with another No.1 studio album (Blackstar) in the UK charts at the time of passing. Doesn’t get any more going out at the top than that.

David Bowie: forever a legend.

‘I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.

bravo  bravo

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