The Danger Of Special Snowflakes

Before we forget again, Inge Jones (bloody hell, a ModtheSimmer turning into an EA forum regular – there goes your street cred with the kewl kids!) saw fit to pass comment on the following:

reply to inge jones

Firstly, we’re not a ‘gossip site’. No one in the Simming community is famous – get over yourselves, none of you is a celebrity. Read, digest, learn.

Second, any attempt to mention The Mare’s Nest on the current EA forum is instantly blanked out for supposed ‘security’ reasons. Apparantly. Which is funny considering they used us to patrol their own forum with, but never mind.

Strangely, you can on the EA forum post links to a certain site run by a convicted paedophile (indeed Graham Nardone posts on said site in question), another owned by a known internet pornographer, another trading stolen goods… etc, etc.

Heaven forbid anyone suggest the censorship has anything to do with the six years worth of malpractice by EA, the Simgurus and their sycophants we’ve been keeping a public record of. This one’s a personal favourite. As is this. This one was embarrassing.

As for BluebellFlora whom we mentioned, try this for size – that’s where being helpful gets you. Then tuck into the main course of BluebellFlora’s finest hour – and which they’re still sulking over, no matter how much help she gives.

Finally, badges of recognition? Hmmmm, elevating Simmers to EA sponsored special snowflakes? Erm, Yibsims anyone? Or even Infogurus… which is where the story of The Mare’s Nest first began, way back in September 2009. Yeah, they’ve a real history of being a good idea and never ending in tears, don’t they?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

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