Mizbutt’s Feeling King_of_Simcity7’s Renaissance, But Igazor Thinks That’s Pongy…

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It all started quite innocently over on the EA forum with Mizfits and Jillbg commenting on their love for Sims 3 a year and a third since EA thought they’d ‘killed’ it off and failed miserably.

06Bon06, GaiaHypothesis and Nickibitsward all commenting on not merely the EA forum Sims 3 section getting busier, but themselves with the game too…

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Dreamerz13 remarked on matters that many had prophesised way back that Sims 4 would come completely unstuck against Sims 3 once the extra content began to take its toll, and several add-ons later, this appears to be what’s happening.

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‘Renaissance’ King_of_Simcity7? He may have a point.

There has been of course more to matters than Sims 4 problems growing ever more fatal (for a dog’s breakfast so stripped down in the hope of avoiding such mishaps!). There’s also the recent interest – or at least Dimblr trend – for Sims 3 side speeding up methods which saw Paisley Buddie and former owner of the much missed Miss Crumplebottom’s Attic TheOneAndOnlyAlexandra post what turned out to be a highly influential tutorial (in terms of reblogs alone, let alone discussions) on how some simple file renaming can speed up your game enormously the game.

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PixelatedLlama also noted: ‘Tick the box marked “Accents”. This will remove all accents (é, à, è, ö, etc) in the file names.’

Combined with a revived interest in The Compressorisor at the same time (no coincidence), and you’ve that perfect moment of new game becoming cranky just as gamer’s peers are reporting their fun with ‘new’ ways of making old dependable run smoother.

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This is why TadOlson is able to have tonnes of mods and custom content in TadOlson’s computer in order to play TadOlson’s 100 Baby Challenge modified to TadOlson’s preferences.

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For Sindocat, it’s not even a revival, but being still at the beginning…

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For Igazor and Phoebebebe13 however, Sims 3 is lacking in one respect to the oldest game of them all…

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Pong still has more believable pregnancies than Sims 3 – and no Larvae babies!

ehwhat mare's nest version  yewot

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