Farewell To Alan Rickman (From Severus Snape To Obadiah Slope, From Die Hard to Dogma, We’re Going To Miss You)

There’s really only one person who could have eulogised at this time, and he did it beautifully:

farewell alan rickman 3

First Bowie – and now this? As his inimitable Sheriff of Nottingham might have put it, cancel January.

Oi! Grim Reaper! We don’t care if you want the most awesome surprise guest list for your Super Sweet Valentine’s Day Party… PACK IT IN, NOW!

thatsit  fryingpan

farewell alan rickman

farewell alan rickman 1

farewell alan rickman 2

Considering what we’ve been getting up to in ‘Raiders Of The Lost Island Consignment Shop, it seemed appropriate. A bit of a mess, but the best that could be done at short notice.

Like Bowie, one hell of a shock, and spooky both died at the same age from the same condition.

Farewell Alan Rickman – best Oscar winner we never had.

crybaby  crybaby

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