Fredbrenny’s Mancave Is Far Too Good Only For Male Simmies!

Fredbrenny at The Sims Resource has been making lots since the Sims 2 era, and although they abandoned making for Sims 2 upon Sims 3‘s arrival, they have remained faithful to it whilst also building for Sims 4.

Fredbrenny's Mancave

Their latest one, Mancave, is more like a nuclear bunker for a hedonist.

Fredbrenny's Mancave 1

With two mildly concealed entrances taking you down into its delights…

Fredbrenny's Mancave 2

Based on a 40 x 40 lot with plenty of room to make it even bigger below stairs, there’s everything your Simmies could ever want for a plush apartment style pad for a basement dweller!

Fredbrenny's Mancave 3

Fredbrenny's Mancave 5

Fredbrenny's Mancave 4

You could even convert it into an underground hangout for your younger Simmies or your growing old disgracefully ones – how about a Batcave for Rflong7/13 and the World Explorers?!

Anyway, here’s where to go grab it and try it out for yourselves.

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