How Green Is ShyannRenee About Dragon Valley?

ShyannRenee’s certainly not shy in letting everyone know what she thinks about her new download.

shyannrenee's questions about dragon valley

GabbyGirlJ leapt to its rightful defence.

shyannrenee's questions about dragon valley 1

Some of you may remember that back in May and June of 2013 we really went to town on this one, something of a surprise finest hour moment from EA after reams of predictable overpriced rubbish proffered in the Store for months, and we still say it’s one of those worlds which would make you fall back in love with the game after a lay-off.

Indeed, there was something of a craze for making Dragon Valley specific lots on the EA forum for a while.

Karritz is another that’s been rediscovering its delights, and that of its dragons…

shyannrenee's questions about dragon valley 2

We think Karritz’s Simmie’s got such a petted lip because he wanted the green dragon to go with his designer t-shirt!

Let’s bring in our expert witness GabbyGirlJ’s run down of our four leathery winged friends:

shyannrenee's questions about dragon valley 3

To those who found the dragons boring, try having a Simmie who has all four types of dragon, and use them in a Midnight Sun challenge…

ehwhat mare's nest version  thumb

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