HouseOf84Sims Downtown Could Leave Him Down In The Mouth

This is a shame because it’s clear Spaniard HouseOf84Sims has put a lot of work into this:

house of 84 sims downtown

This is the first part of his two part Downtown project: a 30 x 30 lot inspired by a city street. It has three buildings – one being a sort of Starbucks cafe – and an abandoned warehouse.

The trouble is that HouseOf84Sims is looking for you best beloved to boot up a mere two hundred and forty eight Sims3packs of custom content for this. The only packages are for the buildings to go into the Library folders.

And the only way anyone gets to find this out is the hard way is when they download – like we did.

thumb  thumb

We understand he’s proud of his baby – a lot more ambitious than anything he’s done before – but our guess is that very few Simmers are going to bother putting this in their games once they download the zip file and open it up: they’d baulk at putting in all that time for an Rflong7/13 creation, let alone one from a relative unknown whose handiwork may prove a massive disappointment once the second half (with whatever hundreds of custom content is required there as well…) is put into the game.

After all, we’re talking about a Simming community where so many moan loudly at having to take ten seconds to download from The Sims Resource!

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