No Haiden From The Fail As Island Paradise Has Igazor Proclaiming Sunnisweetyxoxo Was Right!

Hey Haiden! Long time no see!

We didn’t recognise you at first with your clothes on!

haiden and island paradise

BrittanyChick22 summed up the problem in a single word.

haiden and island paradise 1

As Igazor says, there are fixes out there, just not from EA. T’was ever thus!

haiden and island paradise 2

Yoshi_Dragur2012 gave a nod to the recently returned EllaCharmed’s series of fixes – of course, we will direct you to the WordPress ones

haiden and island paradise 3

But as World Explorer Pary notes, use with caution:

haiden and island paradise 4

We couldn’t leave this without mentioning Igazor’s sarky line on EA’s usual lack of concern for their ‘beloved Mac folk’:

haiden and island paradise 5

“I don’t know what kind of processor/GPU this is, forget it, here’s some large screenwide rainbows to look at as I crash out on you, goodbye.”

slaplol  smiley-lol

Way back in February 2010, Sunnisweetyxoxo said she’d been attacked by a giant screaming rainbow, but it was only technical difficulties. Clearly she wasn’t as barking mad as we all thought and had somehow managed to get a sneak early demo version of Island Paradise onto her Mac.

If only the Simming world had listened to her wisdom… if only…

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