CravenLestat’s Not Got A Pavillion Laptop, But A PERVillion Laptop!

cravenlestat's got a pervillion laptop

yewot  wag_finger

We’re all for decorative laptops, but having one of Harleyquinn and Poison Ivy in tight spandex about to get on down makes us amazed CravenLestat manages to get any work done on his!

Under the circumstances, frankly we’d rather not know what sort of movies you are making on it, young man!

wag_finger  wag_finger

Wbombje appears to approve – saying when hers is connected to the internet it can get her multiples:

cravenlestat's got a pervillion laptop 1

Igazor meanwhile was looking for some help from both Pervillion owners.

cravenlestat's got a pervillion laptop 2

Confessing to hearing of problems some have had with their lower ends, he’s too scared of indulging in a lappi, and prefers doing it on a desktop.

It’ll be better for his back, we suppose.

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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