Viddie Can Haz Snow

Meanwhile, over in Baltimore…

viddie's getting the snow

Yes, it seems at least someone is getting proper snow, as opposed to the predictions of chaos in the British Isles which have come to naught from the pitiful amounts of snow that have fallen (the rain’s another matter however…).

Granted, at least over in the States their older cities deserve a bit of snow more than their British counterpart since they have – as you can see above – the buildings to make it all picturesque.

Here in the UK especially – the land of the cube school of concrete grey monoblock architecture – we don’t really deserve to have buildings to go with our dramatic or romantic weather. Our cities and towns suck – much of the old buildings that were snapshots of particular periods in time of a city’s development having been knocked down, so it’s all either incredibly old clashing with the incredibly new with nothing to provide a blend.

Anyone that’s saw what’s happened to Detroit will know what we mean.

Anyway, one small crumb of comfort from being snowed in… perfect excuse for quality Simming time!

Still, stay safe all of you out there in the rebel colonies, and as for Viddie regarding another matter…

virtual hug mare's nest version

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