DouglasVeiga Wheelie Gets Our Approval With This Fantastic Custom Content

Hey Sharkloverplayer!

You like fairgrounds, right?

Well feast your eyes on this baby…

douglasveiga's ferris wheel

You’ve got your rollercoaster, your merry-go-round… but where’s the ferris wheel? EA never made the fairground elephant in the room, but that man Douglas has done it again with this superb edition for your game – and all for free!

With a whole range of buffs for your Simmies from it (Simmies may get nauseous, scared, or excited as a result of the ride) and a new way to make some cash for your Simmies too, this is your must-have download for your Sims 3 game right now.

Just watch it go:

And yes, you can recolour it – the red, blue and yellow colour scheme is simply to illustrate the three channels available.

What are you waiting for all of you?

Get over here and download this brilliant piece of work – and remember to leave your thanks!

bravo  bravo

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