King_of_SimCity7’s Feverishly Tossing Away On Pancake Day

King_of_SimCity7 On Shrove Tuesday

We is The Mare’s Nest and we can haz topical posts n stuffz…

King_of_SimCity7 On Shrove Tuesday 1

King_of_SimCity7 On Shrove Tuesday 2

Of course the oven’s dirty – when your male Simmie has been tossing over it all day long, it’s bound to be covered with creamy sticky stuff. Which is a bit of a waste: we much prefer to be licking up whatever’s left over. Yes, some people find the taste a bit gross, and it’s not considered very hygienic, but the best pleasures in life are for free…

… we’re talking about the mixing bowl, you bloody pervs!

King_of_SimCity7 On Shrove Tuesday 3

Zeldagirl’s talking about that bearded bumnugget from the Sims 4 promos. As if the Sims 3 world really needed another lumberjack lookalike.

King_of_SimCity7 On Shrove Tuesday 4

Bloody hell Gitte2001, a Belgian that doesn’t know what pancake day is – what’s the world coming to?!

Alright, they call it Mardi Gras there in Sproutland, and they have Pannenkoek, which are more like Scottish pancakes for savoury dishes than the French style thin crepes for cream, syrup, and some token fruit so you can pretend you’re eating something healthy after all.

By the way, never ever look up Belgian Pancakes on the internet – or you will be scared for life. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

‘Oh I could squeeze my lemon ’till my blues went away, if I had possession over Pancake Day…’

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