Only On Dimblr Could Simmers Be This Dim…

If any of you want a worked example of why we get so moany about people pirating hairs using the retexture excuse, here’s a worked example of where that sort of lazy practice without censure ultimately leads to:

simrer-ninyo's awful boots

Simrer-Ninyo’s downright bloody awful boots as shown about from her Dumblr are meant to be a reworking of some EA mesh. Quite what they butchered to produce the above monkey’s abortion is anyone’s guess.

What is next to beyond belief is how the Dimblr world in turn reacted to it:

simrer-ninyo's awful boots 1

yewot  yewot

Over a hundred Dimmers said they ‘liked’ it!

And before you say maybe the above isn’t a fair and accurate reflection of how it looks in-game…

simrer-ninyo's awful boots 2

(Special bonus points for anyone who can guess which Simmie that is who is wearing them?)

Featureless, looking like they were made out of paper, why the plumbob anyone would want these in their game is beyond us.

But on Dumblr, one is supposed to ‘like’ everything in order to generate more willing to follow you – so the inane logic goes, despite the fact in doing so they are devaluing those in possession of far more talent willing to put in the hours to produce something as good or better than EA.

rant   shakehead

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