HappySimmer3’s Having A Hal-iday To Remember As Everyone Slates The Clean Slate

Over on the EA forum (spam allowing…), Tangie-HappySimmer3’s been playing with Riverview’s Hal Breckenridge (he of the ridiculous ‘soul patch’ – or ‘pubic beard’ as one of us likes to call them):

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge

‘Here is my question for those of you who have played the Heartbreakers before or are just interested in this topic: Hal has the reputation of being a dirtbag. (Which I find hilarious, btw.) His true love doesn’t seem to mind, though…’

Before you go any further, the answer to your question is ten inches.

ehwhat mare's nest version  yewot

According to CharlottesMom, the Clean Slate reward is more expense than it is ultimately worth.

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 1

Surreal and LaBlue0314 also advised against it, but for game play reasons rather than financial.

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 2

But as HappySimmer3 reported, there were other consequences to this:

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 3

Bug from the Clean Slate reward, or the processor on HappySimmer3’s computer melting down from having to deal with Hal and his fiancé’s bonkage around Riverview? Where’s Twallan when you need him – after all, he was always the one looking for a cure for Simmie blue balls, and by the look of it those two Simmies have got it in their blood!

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 4

For goodness sake, button your shirt up, or at least get your chest waxed, Hal. It’s bad enough having that silly pube beard without you doing a Half-Haiden as well!

JoAnne65 meanwhile has herself a right male slapper – or should that be slappée?

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 5

But as 06Bon06 and IreneSwift reported, there are consequences which can arise from previous events and it’s probably more pragmatic simply keeping the relationship level high:

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 6

At moments such as this, when it comes to look for a more practical solution, perhaps it is best to turn to Keats – or failing that SimKeats…

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 7

Certainly a lot better than the filthy talk from Igazor at any rate!

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 8

That’s quite enough of that sort of talk, young man! SimKeats is pure and chaste and doesn’t need to hear about your… your… Tory MP fantasies!

wag_finger  wag_finger

Bklienhart brought matters to a close by pointing out the problem all stems from that old EA chestnut of coding in parts of the game without bothering to properly test through the consequences to existing actions and interactions within the game’s code.

happysimmer3 and hal breckenridge 9

Ah – t’was ever thus.

Let’s have our Keats and be done with it:

‘Bright star, would Hal be steadfast as thou art —
Not in lone splendour hung like a bull elephant

Still, still to hear her tender-taken breath,
And so live ever — or else woo-hoo to death!’

writing_thinking  dizzy

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