Farewell And Good Luck To Anubis360

Before we forget yet again also…

farewell to anubis360

Yeah, we all sort of knew, but that didn’t make getting the official confirmation any the easier. Perhaps we also shouldn’t be too surprised that this was another creator that lost their momentum when trying to start again with the dispiriting Sims 4.

But ultimately it was the case that Old Father Time caught up with Anubis360, rites of passage in his life came along which had to be followed, and with an ever longer term separation from the Simming world (he ceased making for Sims 3 in July 2014, and his Sims 4 work was never as sporadic), the bonds naturally died.

Everyone has a favourite ‘Anubis360 made this’ piece of custom content – he gave that same care and attention to his work as befitting a trainee graphic designer that few emulated. When you downloaded custom content Anubis made, you knew it would be good, you knew it would not glitch, tear or cause crashes, because he tested to destruction before releasing. He was very much a Simmers’ sort of creator, who took a natural pride in his work.

For Anubis Under The Sun, for Ace Creators, for being one of the greatest of the practical creators… thank you.

bravo  crybaby

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