Silly ChloeDeCookie! CravenLeStat’s Now Revealed More About His Game That Perhaps He’d Wished!

One of those threads where the real show wasn’t on the stage.

Enter one ChloeDeCookie, letting anyone interested know she’d got her computer working again.

chloedecookie's game problems

That’s nice dear! Although Surreal’s congratulations proved premature…

chloedecookie's game problems 1

King_ofSimcity7 tried to help, but it began to look like another Sims 3 versus Sims 4 thread was about to kick off.

chloedecookie's game problems 2

Hmmm, nice avatar CharityHope.

GaiaHypothesis put down her Kraft Dinner to act as peacemaker.

chloedecookie's game problems 3

Whilst JoAnne65 and the EA forum’s resident Sprout – Gitte2001 – mentioned what’s been a bit of a sore topic down Mare’s Nest way of late – laptop performances:

chloedecookie's game problems 4

chloedecookie's game problems 5

They wouldn’t be laptops with bumnuggeting Windows 8.1, would they? Ah, the tears, the tantrums, the temazapans going down like Smarties over that rat bar steward of an operating system – as the very sexy wise Haiden once warned, it is a system for tablets and touch screen computers, not for real computing … for the benefit of anyone else out there, hang on to your disc copies of Windows XP and 7 copies for dear life… you’re gonna need them for your next laptop upgrade!

chloedecookie's game problems 6

It was at this point that CravenLestat began trying to help ChloeDeCookie with getting some of the custom content she wouldn’t use into her game, and revealed more than perhaps he ought to have:

chloedecookie's game problems 7

For those needing a reminder about, go here and here.

wag_finger  wag_finger

Karritz meanwhile corrected Gitte2001 who was telling ChloeDeCookie that she needed to spend lots of dosh on a new laptop for her Sims 3 to work properly – which isn’t of course strictly true.

chloedecookie's game problems 8

But as ChloeDeCookie put it, by the time she’s earning her own money for a new laptop, there will be a new version of Sims anyway (and hopefully new programmers into the bargain!).

chloedecookie's game problems 9

And with Peach77 bringing the conversation dangerously into MadameLee territory, we’ll say thank you and goodnight!

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