Simmetry Design Is Online – Are You Ready To Swear The Oath Of Effing Allegiance?

It’s been a long time coming, but if the Simgurus thought that they’d got away with pissing on the EA forum’s Modelling section’s chips and calling it balsamic vinegar, they were wrong.

simmertry design is online

Three months after MHamilton0911 (MaggieSims) was permabanned for reasons that were never explained (an all too common occurrence on the EA forum these days…), she’s returned with Vidkid20 in Simmetry Design. Although orientated towards modelling, there’s sections for Sims 2, 3 and 4 on whatever related topics the members’ fancy.

simmertry design is online 1

simmertry design is online 2

Some of the names on here will be familiar enough to EA forum regulars, such as Vanadis, InaMac69 and modder Tatortotsims, and the place appears to have made a very healthy start already, with twenty seven registered users banging up what’s heading towards four hundred posts in the space of one weekend.

simmertry design is online 3

Early days yet, but a promising enough start, and their one secret weapon may prove enough to ensure to secure a decent fortune for your Simmies…

simmertry design is online 4

Simmetry Designs lets you swear like it’s a Macc Lads album – so that will mean Bookygirl will be joining up any day now!

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

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