The Real Sunset Valley? Don’t Bother Folks!

therealsunsetvalley don't bother

Okay LaBlue0314, could you perhaps explain to us exactly what it is from that bumnugget we are meant to be reading?

therealsunsetvalley don't bother 1

All this crock of shit consists of is endless bland random screenshots from one family at a time in Sunset Valley, sicked up in some freaking Meerkat’s blogsite without any storyline text whatsoever.

therealsunsetvalley don't bother 2

Even MadameLee at her worst at least made some sort of stab at tale telling or a plot line.

therealsunsetvalley don't bother 3

Moreover, since this is only the eleventh episode since August last year, it’s clearly no brand new labour of love we can expect to broaden its scope and depth any time soon.

manul says what is this FAIL above me

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