Dear Sweet Sonya Of Simply Playing…

yes, we like your Dumblr…

from sonya of simply playing

… and yes this is a very pretty Simmie you’ve made available for download…

from sonya of simply playing 1

… but the trouble is, who is going to bother to download something that requires a minimum of twenty three different pieces of custom content to look like that?

Six faces? What’s she meant to be, a Simguru (because two faces just aren’t enough for the job… miaow! )?

Are we really the only ones fast tiring of people making Simmies or lots that always require one gross metric tonne of custom content – inevitably only available in effing Sim3pack format (including fifty billion patterns which have to be put through the launcher whether you like it or not…) – to look remotely like the heavily Photoshopped promo pictures do.

Especially when it is for warpaint, nosemasks, contact lenses and skins that will be used for that Simmie and for nothing else you will ever download, ever, ever, again, ‘Amen!’

Just a thought.

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