NiNjahawkz Returns

Yeah, we know some of you won’t be too happy after she stepped on more than a few toes in the Modelling sections, but nevertheless, it’s nice to see one old face returning after a three year lay off:

ninjahawkz returns

And it was nice to see Vidkid20 leading the welcomes back over at the modelling section considering said past events:

ninjahawkz returns 1

Along with LaBlue0314 and Darkling in the Sims 3 section of the EA forum:

ninjahawkz returns 2

Just a pity she appears to have gone over to the bland insipid pastels side, but never mind.

ninjahawkz returns 3

For those still unclear of the concept, this is bland insipid pastels:

ninjahawkz returns 4

Congratulations EA – you even managed to make the Grim Reaper look like shit by trying to dress him up as a Harry Potter Dementor. Twats!

And this is vibrant inspiring pastels:

ninjahawkz returns 5

rimshot  tomato

(You’ll either get this or you won’t, and those who did probably saw this punchline coming a mile away).

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