The Great Knit In 2016

aarin in 2016

It’s been a while since we mentioned what’s going on – or not as the case may be – with Aarin, and to be honest there’s not a great deal extra to report – the only activity being over at 6s & 7s, where she’s changed the header to something more like the original Jazz-Hands one. All duvet stuffers we’re afraid.

The only real story that may be of interest was back on Christmas Day we sent her a message wishing her a merry Christmas via Dumblr – the first time we’ve ever sent her any sort of communication, by the way – and her response was to delete it off her Dumblr comments and make 6s & 7s only accessible to people logged into Dumblr. As you do.

Oh dear – looks like someone’s still nursing a sulk longer than Pescado and Delphy with Steve Bonham and the Issacsons. Perhaps a little lucky some of her victims never took the same attitude – after all there’s only so many comic shops left in San Francisco… but we do find it ironic that the person happy to let a certain Windsor Erick into her doomed forum all those years ago (and expect her disciples to tolerate it) is still suffering a dose of terminal butthurt a mere six years on with ourselves.

Whatever we’ve said about the Great Knit’s behaviour, we’ve also pointed to the custom content she’s created since and shared with the community for free (including as late as last year), so if she’s wanting to keep up a petted lip with us over the events of many years ago where we said she was wrong (and we’ll say so until we are dust), well that’s her problem. Dare we suggest the irony in her acting like the very egocentric teen brats she lampooned for taking their online presences too seriously?

If dear Aarin was half the middle aged woman she’d like to think she is, she’d have long accepted her past bumnuggetry and moved on with ourselves and others, but as the other half of the Mare’s Nest timely reminded, Norman Vincent Peale’s old book Positive Thinking Every Day had for its March 14th entry:  ‘people often kill their happiness and their success in life by their tongues. They say a mean thing, write a sharp letter, and the damage is done. And sadly, the real victim is not the other person but themselves.’ 

But we digress.

aarin in 2016 1

Hmmm, a boot in the balls tends to be slightly more effective.

aarin in 2016 2

Okay, who the plumbob else other than The Great Knit keeps a computer desktop that clean?

Alright, alright, apart from you Cloverstardropper (and that’s probably only because you’ve got one of Aarin’s horcruxes in you!).

aarin in 2016 3

And yes, Switch, we know, no kinkshaming and all that… but seriously Aarin? That’s quite enough of the lesbian bondage overtones drawings, thank you very much – you’re meant to be running a games Dumblr, not a Nancy Drew one!

ehwhat mare's nest version  smiley-shocked032

aarin in 2016 4

Hmmm, we can think of another unicorn that’s not going to afford her such a welcome, but that’s getting on a little too far with you-know-what…

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