A Quarter Of Sim Secret’s Posts From ONE Secret Poster – Oh Dear!

At least outgoing fail of an editor Hooptytrib had the common sense to mix up the various anonymous posts forwarded to Sim Secret – just about the only thing keeping Live Journal alive thesedays (‘great news everyone, we got twenty viewers this week!’)

Their new editor Prah2010 couldn’t even be bothered to juggle around no less than eight posts from the same source for the latest Friday night upload of twenty nine pieces of puerile crap, making it even more obvious than usual that she’s desperately padding it out with anything to make it look like anyone cares any longer.

(Bloody hell, they even had a MedleyMisty one that drew blank responses – that shows how doomed it is!)

a quarter of all sim secret posts from a single poster what a laugh

Same font (Comic Sans), same starting of all too many of the posts (six of the eight starting with ‘your’), same Sims 2 stuff, and all concerning eight people who just happen to have a high cross over between each other’s YouTube and Twitch accounts, never mind Dumblr…

(TheMixedBagofWhat, Latibule, MGHproductions, Snapshotofasoul, Tisangelxxx,Nataliefirexxx, TheHontry1 and xxUmbrella123xx also primarily seem to be a bunch of ‘genderfluid’/’transsexual-transvestives-from-Transylvania’/’whatever’ atypical teenie Social Justice Warrior Cosplaying special snowflakes, so it begs the question how much of the other input they’ve been behind of late – if we cared enough, we’d bother to investigate further, but as it’s only SS, it’s really not worth the time…).

Never mind. Actually the most interesting thing about these eight and their PR sycophant (one of whom we suspect as being the one behind all the above…) is that TheMixedBagofWhat character, one Cecil Madrid…

a quarter of all sim secret posts from a single poster what a laugh 1



yewot  yewot

Okay, what sort of evil parents nowadays calls their kid Cecil?

You get a few hippy parents that named their daughter Cecilia after the Simon and Garfunkel song calling them Cecil out of a combination of ‘jolly japes’ and ‘striking a blow against the white heterosexual culture appropriating patriarchy’ perhaps, but you don’t even get them anymore coming from the usual suspects, the sort whose offspring thus named will be sent to the sort of timelocked public boarding schools Conservative MPs tend to come from deep in the English countryside where they’re expected to do ten mile runs at the crack of dawn followed by a cold shower, a spoon of syrup of figs and a vigorous fist-fucking from Matron to keep them ‘regular’ before breakfast.

a quarter of all sim secret posts from a single poster what a laugh 2

In fact the last Cecil we can remember was Cecil the Lion (the one shot dead by American dentist Walter Palmer in his bid to become the most hated American of the year – forgetting that Donald was certain to Trump that bid…) – did anyone else spot the irony there by the way in the Zimbabweans having a lion with the same first name as Cecil Rhodes? What next, the Ramat Gan Safari Park decides to get itself a honey badger called Adolf?

Erm, what was this post about again? Never mind!

scratchhead dizzy

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