Switched Onto Palm Sunday

Oh bloody hell, not again!

switched into march

Still, congratulations on finally getting a hold of your favourite alias on Dumblr from whoever was squatting there.

Now, if we could persuade the Great Knit to let go of a certain WordPress account she’s been squatting in without using since 2009… (some hope!).

Still on a Sims 3 theme:

switched into march 7

Yes, we’d a feeling you of all people wouldn’t exactly be enthralled to see EarthMama/Earthgirl reappearing.

As for a certain other Sims game…

switched into march 8

‘I still don’t even feel like Sims 4 is worth the time it would take to pirate it…’

slaplol  bravo

In a nutshell, dear Cloverstardropper – in a nutshell…

Elsewhere, Switch has been the victim of evil supernatural forces:

switched into march 9

It’s how The Amityville Horror would have turned out had the writers of Gilmore Girls done it.

Perhaps this explains her recent brush with religion:

switched into march 1

Hey, doesn’t everyone in America worship Mammon?

(Yes, they have the National Accident Helpline and other such ambulance chasing law firms in the US of A too. As if you didn’t already know…)

Aside from dabbling in Catholicism as well (what other religion has such a thing for incense?), Cloverstardropper has also had a near miss with forces even more sinister than (gulp!) Bronyism…

At this point, perhaps this is the moment for some station identification:

switched into march 3

Be afraid, be very afraid!

switched into march 2

A six foot tall paper bag? Any moment now she’ll be declaring herself the Ruler Of The Sea, the Ruler of The Universe, the Ruler of the Supermarket.

switched into march 4

Hey, this post isn’t that bad!

switched into march 5

Oh… that! Well it could be worse… it could be that other Sausage Party script…

switched into march 6

And of course there’s also that other sort of sausage party that the likes of Gregorina… ahem, let’s not go into that one!

Still on matters of the heart…

switched into march 10

As for other medical matters:

switched into march 12

Yes, well one of us manages to go even better and black out entirely for five seconds. The tricky part is that it’s while getting out of the bath, and the subsequent concern from family members to the rather loud thump resultant (to say nothing of the black eye from hitting one socket against the hot tap has meant they no longer do the stretch part for the sake of their own well being.

smiley-shocked032  whistling mares nest version

And finally…

switched into march 11

‘Hey you, are you the one that hired a stripper?’

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use   tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

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