Doe Ray Me Fa So La Te – DOH!

Congratulations to GirlWhoCriedTaylor on her acquisition of MidnightHollow – everyone’s favourite ‘needs a light mod to play it’ town.

do ray me fah so latte doe

The secret of the Doe family? We’re sure you’ll find someone to rabbit on about it…

do ray me fah so latte doe 1

It’s certainly a theory, PineappleRunaway, and not quite as ridiculous as Colton147’s:

do ray me fah so latte doe 2

Toddlers in Sims 4 indeed! You’ll be talking about open worlds and graphics crisper than a vicar’s laundry next!

As for LaBlue0314, clearly your Simmie is too sexy for Midnight Hollow – either that or the Does are originally from Twinbrook and John Doe is simply not used to seeing so many other Simmies that don’t look like complete inbreds who dress like they were fired into a church jumble sale from a cannon.

ehwhat mare's nest version  wiggle tongue

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