Yes, Gitte2001 Is Okay (Re. Brussels Terrorism Attack)

gitte2001 is okay thanks the plumbobs

Yes, it may sound silly in the great scheme of things, but the very first thought both of us had upon today’s dreadful news was whether Gitte2001 and the other Simmie Sprouts out there were okay – and yes, we were worried.

Belgium is only the size of the northern half of England (Hadrian’s Wall down to the longitude line of Liverpool) or half the size of the Republic of Ireland, and Brussels is even more central in the scheme of things in Belgium than most capital cities, so neither of us we’re happy until one of us was able to message the other that they’d confirmation Gitte2001 was fine via her Dumblr account.

Of the other Belgian Simmers, our thoughts and prayers all made it unscathed. We’re not sure whether Sara de Moor even has any more involvement in the Simming world anymore (another who went to Sims 4 and appeared to have dropped off the radar thereafter) – are any of her old DNA Request Team buddies still in touch and able to confirm she’s okay?

virtual hug mare's nest version

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