Wolfkomoki1’s Howling ‘Wham! Bam! Thank You Spam!’ Over The Lastest EA Forum Fiasco

You’ve got to hand it to EA.

Rather than deal with a problem properly (but we’ll come to that one on Good Friday…), they simply put in an over the top draconian auto-mnde onto the EA forum to make a bad situation an even worse experience for those on it.

wolfkomoki1 and the spam blocker

Yes, because your average EA forum member is so slow in the uptake, they need a full four minutes to make one post after another.

Still, it’s a lot easier than expecting the Simguru bumnuggets to try earning their wages and monitor the forums in real time like the unpaid volunteers at all the fan made forums have managed for well over a decade in the history of Simming…

whistling mares nest version  rant

manul counts not sheep but fail

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