Bookygirl And Margaret Thatcher

Over at Bookygirl’s Dumblr (she appears to have abandoned her Simming blog for some time), she’s reprinted – and it appears swallowed whole – some cliched crap from some hipster socialist about how the ‘working class’ hated Margaret Thatcher.

So for her benefit and the rest of you Johnny Foreigners, let’s rebutt this:

bookygirl and margaret thatcher

Yes, this part is correct… except for ‘so there were riots’. There was one riot, in Trafalgar Square, during a series of protest marches in London – but you can go read Jazz-Hands for the background to this one. Whilst true there were a lot of riots during the early years of Thatcher’s regime, many of them were race riots in places like Brixton, Broadwater Farm, Bristol St Paul’s and Liverpool’s Toxteth where tensions had been building for years between police and local black youths, but there was also plenty during industrial disputes such as the miners’ strike and at football stadiums – Millwall’s trashing of Luton and Cambridge being particularly infamous.

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Thatcher had a long standing aversion to the mining industry not because – as the myth had it – they brought down her predecessor Ted Heath, but because of the Aberfan scandal in 1966 (where a colliery’s spoil tip collapsed onto a nearby primary school and killed virtually all the infants and teachers inside. To cut a very long story short, during the subsequent enquiry, Thatcher (then only a back bench MP) uncovered that warnings had been given during World War 2 that the spoil tip was on top of an underground stream – she was told to shut up about it because several existing Tory and Labour peers could very well have found themselves going to jail if matters were investigated further.

Thatcher was appalled at the way both her own party and the Labour Party – along with the National Union of Mineworkers – closed ranks with the guilty National Coal Board to cover up the real causes of the disaster, and she never forgave them for it. This led to her later pigheadedness when dealing with both the NCB and NUM, with disastrous results.

As for the Miners Strike of 1984, the tragedy was they had largely brought matters on themselves by allowing every mining area of the country to be run by a Labour Party-NUM cabels not averse to downright thuggery against any political opponents, resulting in pseudo gangsters like Dan Smith and Andy Cunningham – but that’s another story. Closures of pits which should have happened in the 1960s had been left to the poor suckers that were going to be in power in the 1980s as vested interested in past governments (and the NCB and NUM) had conspired to keep them open.

Even so, had the miners obeyed their wily leader Arthur Scargill (wrongly made the scapegoat for events) – a trained economist who simply wanted the safety officers to strike (which would have meant the rest of the mine’s staff would have remained on full pay but unable to work – which would have cost the NCB a fortune in a very short space of time and ended the dispute within weeks) – matters could have been settled within weeks. But the miners’ union had been infiltrated by the Trotskyite Militant and Socialist Workers Party, and egged on by elderly bigot Mick McGahey (the Scottish NUM leader and an apologist for Soviet atrocities in Hungary and Czechoslovakia), a large number of pits went on unilateral strike without Scargill’s approval – and without any sort of democratic secret ballot.

The truth was for all his public bluster, Scargill lost control of events within his own union to hot heads with silly dreams they could somehow start a ‘red revolution’ in Britain via the miners – the end result was the complete devastation of an entire industry fatally wounded by the costs of the most calamitous industrial strike in British history.

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Inequality under Labour’s Tony Blair was at 0.362 and at the time of his successor Gordon Brown’s ousting from office in May 2010 the top 10% received 31% of all income, the bottom 10% received just 1% – the worst disparity of wealth in the UK’s history since records began, and coming after thirteen years of a so-called ‘left-wing’ government.

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We just knew there was going to be something to do with gay rights involved, didn’t you? Dare we suggest it was also the be-all and end all of Bookygirl’s interest in all this…

rolleyesup  rolleyesup

But we digress. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and context is everything. Later revelations about the Paedophile Information Exchange’s heavy links with the great and the good of the Labour Party at that time via the National Council of Civil Liberties (Margaret Beckett, Harriet Harman, Patricia Hewitt, etc) – to say nothing of the self-indulgences of the Inner London Education Authority and the Greater London Council under the self-proclaimed ‘Red Ken’ Livingstone – made it all too plain that the real reason for banning sex education in school from teaching anything other than heterosexuality was the very well founded fear that the definition of ‘gay rights’ would be stretched to include paedophiles.

If that sounds far fetched, Labour’s candidate twice in Bermondsey – which had been Labour’s since before the Second World War – was gay rights campaigner and Labour’s ‘loony left’ poster boy Peter Tatchell (the seat was lost by him to a bisexual candidate of the Liberals for twenty three years)… who later wrote a chapter for the notorious book Betrayal of Youth, which concerned ‘intergenerational sex’ – in order words adults having sex with children, particularly boys.

The year was 1986 … not long after came the rush to Clause 28 (which was only passed after two bitter years of battles within Parliament and a general election…). By the time of Clause 28’s repeal, paedophile hunting was almost Britain’s second most popular sport after football, and any danger of local authorities being stupid enough to put books in schools and libraries with a wider definition of what constituted homosexuality than sanity would have permitted had long past. Like we said, context is everything…

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Utter bullshit. IRA members were not ‘political prisoners’ – they were evil bastards who blew up civilians, knee-capped those who wouldn’t pay money to their ’cause’ and were in cahoots with the loyalist UVF to carve up Belfast and Derry with protection rackets and other forms of organised crime under the cloak of a sectarian war a large part of which was pure recreational bigotry in one of the most backward parts of western Europe. Nothing was too low for these foul bastards – before the hunger strikes, they’d smeared the walls of their prison cells with their own faeces.

As for ‘international support’ – if you mean those Americans who saw Ireland in terms of John Wayne’s ‘The Quiet Man’, boy did their callous backing of terrorist causes they little understood (nor care, so long as it was foreigners getting killed and maimed by ‘freedom fighters’) come back to haunt them big style two decades later…

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In actual fact it was Harold Wilson’s Labour government in 1968 which scrapped it from secondary schools – and the scrapping of school milk to the over sevens which Thatcher as Education Secretary was reviled for was the fault of then Chancellor of the Exchequer Anthony Barber (amid protests from Thatcher…) in his first budget of 1970. Most education authorities simply circumvented the ban by getting their district council to supply the milk instead.

Much of this utter shite from this Dracofidus tosser has been lifted straight from here – without bothering to mention that it debunks most of it. Thatcher was a nasty piece of work, but she was merely part of a long line of incompetent selfish bastards to be Prime Minister of the UK in the last two hundred years – and as events proved under Blair, far from the worst in living memory.

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