Getting Serious About SrslySims Begging Bowl

This one really bugged us in more ways than we found comfortable to count.

Taken from SrslySims Dimblr:

srslysims begging bowl


So to cut a long story short, she is looking for $300 to prevent the both of them being evicted from (we assume) their flat and pay for food and personal hygiene items. Currently they owe $680.

First up, she doesn’t exactly help her case by hashtagging her plea with ‘Signal Boost’. Those familiar with Dumblr slang will know this means it is a general call out or shout out to all. To others however, it could easily look like someone looking to sucker others so they can pay for a broadband package upgrade. When you’re looking for money, the Queen’s English is a much better idea.

Whilst the vast majority of messages have been sympathetic, the first response was anything but...

Whilst the vast majority of messages have been sympathetic, the first response was anything but…

Secondly, there’s no mention about what steps she’s taken to retrieve her situation by getting in touch with the local authorities. Surely they must be able to provide some sort of help (‘entitlements’ aren’t they called over in the USA?).

Thirdly – and perhaps the most significant – this is the second time in five months she’s gone begging to the Simming and Dumblr community for money over real life problems, the last time over her mum:

srslysims begging bowl 1

Nice as people are in the Simming community and elsewhere, even the nicest are likely to start thinking twice after getting a second urgent appeal for a lot of money under threat of dire consequences – even if everything SrslySims is telling is true. That’s simply human nature.

There’s also going to be those automatically thinking that surely the daughter ought to have moved back home to help out her mother in the first place, seeing as both of them were up the creek without a paddle (not as if the daughter was exactly going to be giving up a job to do so).

Weighed against all this, however, is the fact that even today the EA forum’s ludicrous ‘gifting’ section chucks about sums dwarfing what SrslySims is looking for before twenty four hours has passed, and maybe – just maybe – it would be a lot kinder for some of those throwing money around at random strangers for digital gifts to put their money to better use to help a fellow Simmer in times of need.

You pay your money, you take your choice. For what it’s worth, we really cannot decide what to think about this whole affair, other than how uncomfortable it makes us. The instinct is to help out, to do something… and yet … and yet … bottom line is we don’t know this person well enough, therefore we’re hanging fire. There seems to us more to this whole affair to come out yet.

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