LaBlue0314 Shows The Lady Is A Vamp – And Her Vamp Is A Camp Vamp!

lablue0314 is a vamp

yewot  scratchhead

If that vampire got any more camp he’d be more interested in sucking something other than blood!

It gets worse however:

lablue0314 is a vamp 3

For plumbob’s sake Peach77, what is this? The bastard offspring of Steve Strange and Klaus Nomi?

We do approve of JoAnne65’s attempted scary Simmie thoroughly:

lablue0314 is a vamp 1

A Simmie version of Jaz Coleman? Excellent idea!

lablue0314 is a vamp 2

‘Who me?’

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

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