LaBlue0314 Turning Her Game Blue (And Her Simmie) With Her Firefighter’s Wardrobe Malfunctions

Oh come off it LaBlue0314! Of all the professions your Simmie’s hubby could have been… and he just happens to be a firefighter?

lablue0314 and the fire guy

wag_finger  wag_finger

Phoebebebe13 called it right.

lablue0314 and the fire guy 1

We shudder to think what sort of mods they may be, you brazen hussy!

lablue0314 and the fire guy 2

Stop making excuses for her Igazor, you’re only encouraging her!

lablue0314 and the fire guy 3

Attagirl, Phoebebebe13! Don’t put up with their excuses for all their dodgy mods for firefighters! No polldancing whilst in uniform. No putting out fires whilst wearing nothing but a fireman’s helmet and a jockstrap.

And for the benefit of those who think we’re being harsh, here’s the photographic proof from LaBlue0314 herself:

lablue0314 and the fire guy 4

Guilty as charged!

disgusting that's what it is

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