IreneSwift’s Finding The Al-Simharan’s Aren’t Snap Happy

ireneswift's not snapping happy

Be fair IreneSwift – how would you feel if some strange came up to you and started…

ireneswift's not snapping happy 1

… erm, that’s just it, we can only but guess.

One Simmie starts talking about a camera, the other about a sticking plaster (or a Band Aid as you Simmers in the rebel colonies like to call them).

If you ask us, smacks somewhat that the first Simmer made some rather dodgy photography requests, and the other replied whether they wanted to be in need of first aid?!

smiley-shocked032  ehwhat mare's nest version


ireneswift's not snapping happy 2

Oi! JoAnne65, that’s our joke, dammit!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Anyway, this is what an NRaas advertising board looks like. Oh, and this one.

(Get them here!)

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