If LaSummerB’s Phasmophobia’s Not Your Utopia, Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghostbustersbusters!

lasummerb doesn't like ghosts

Hey, we’ll have none of that… erm… ‘ghostist’ talk around here!

No prizes who was called in to solve it:

lasummerb doesn't like ghosts 1

But Igazor and Simasaurus09 found themselves being taken to task by CravenLeStat and JoAnne65 – and rightly so!

lasummerb doesn't like ghosts 2

bravo  bravo

That didn’t stop big old meanine Tangie-HappySimmer3 planning all manner of nastiness to her poor Simmie ghosties – although we liked her twist to the ghost hunter’s career as much as Surreal did:

lasummerb doesn't like ghosts 3

evilgrin  thumb

But trust Peach77 to lower the tone entirely:

lasummerb doesn't like ghosts 4

‘I haven’t tried the female, but the male’s backside is kinda cute in the jumper.’

wag_finger  yewot

The other half of the Mare’s Nest team says they once had Elysia Knaith as a ghost buster – and that boiler suit isn’t flattering to anyone’s bum!

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