Cloverstardropper And The Doppelgänger Plumbob Dilemma


switch and the doppelganger plumbob dilemma

Uh oh… looks like someone kept their auto-update for games on and has got the dreaded 1.69 update on their PC now. You may want to check first and if it has start looking at ways to roll it back!

scared  scared

By the way, we hope that copy of Rosetta Stone wasn’t bought off some dodgy Jersey Shore lookalike we all know…

Speaking of dodgy:

switch and the doppelganger plumbob dilemma 3

Eighty three degrees in April? We’re lucky to get eight degrees (although there appears to be a mad spell of freezing cold weather one day, roasting hot the next right now). Anyway, what’s wrong with a climate where your skin turns to leather by the time you’re twenty?

evilgrin  evilgrin

Elsewhere, it seems that Poida’s employment since vanishing several years ago has been in the creation of dodgy cold remedies to Californian neo-hippy parents:

switch and the doppelganger plumbob dilemma 2

So Switch’s mum got poopsiekins something else…

switch and the doppelganger plumbob dilemma 1

Surely the point of Nyquil is that after about fifteen minutes you’re too stoned to care about the taste?

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

Anyway, all They Might Be Giants fans are only allowed to take Nyquil for colds and snuffles. It’s the rules!

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