What Does LaBlue0314 Have In Common With David Bowie?

They’re both loving the alien, that’s what:

lablue0314's wardrobe malfunctioning alien

Seriously, LaBlue0314, we really need to have a talk about these Haidenesque wardrobe malfunctions all your male Simmies appear to have.

And never mind you lot encouraging her while we’re at it, February11, TreyNutz and ChelleJo!

lablue0314's wardrobe malfunctioning alien 1

Before you ask ChelleJo, ‘hung like a horse, goes like a stallion’ is not one of his traits, young lady!

wag_finger  wag_finger

(Post edited by February11 on April 16 – you can imagine how much that’s going to mess with some people’s minds…)

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