Bookworm, Virtuoso And Artistic? Dartpaw86, Simasaurus09, Deshong04 And SimKeats Discuss

Bookworm Virtuoso and Artistic

One of the Mare’s Nest team’s eyes lit up at this one, considering so many of their Simmies end up with exactly these traits.

How useful are they together, or are they a waste of trait slots?

Bookworm is always desirable in our view if you intend hitting the skill books big time to level up in whatever career or hobby you are aiming for.

But let’s see the other’s views, kick off with a nicely laid out summary by Simasaurus09:

Bookworm Virtuoso and Artistic 1

Deshong09 preferred taking his info from Carls Sims, adding flesh to the bones as to which ones were more useful to the painting, musical and writing hobby skills (and subsequent careers):

Bookworm Virtuoso and Artistic 2

As Deshong09 points out, it’s a moot whether Artistic is a trait you’ll want to exchange for another once it’s done the job of levelling up painting (primarily…). We had no idea that the Book Club was a sneaky way to get some rare books worth a bob or two once sold.

What ones to swap out for later on? Sim Keats has an answer – in fact two…

Bookworm Virtuoso and Artistic 3

Excellent answers folks: we’ll try out your recommandations in our games sometime soon.

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