DouglasVeiga’s Updated His Gardener Service Mod – UPDATED TODAY!

Yes, this was released back on 21st, but there’s been another update to it today, so grab the updated version if you got the other one a week or two ago (and remove all the old versions!).

The principle’s the same, of course:

douglasveiga's gardener service mod updated

Not only watering, weeding and harvesting from your service Simmie, but they will remove dead plants, fertilise your plants (nice quality) and you can configure the tasks they are to do – so if you wish to leave some for your Simmies to do, the NPC Service Simmie will not touch these.

Like any other Service, you order it from a residential lot (look for Gardener Service 2 then Request Service) via the landline telephone. Once ordered, they will come faithfully 8am to 6pm daily. Very handy if you are trying to run a farm.

If you have not already guessed, this is over at Mod The Sims.

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