Sigzy05 Says ‘Sod It – Mod It!’ To Hepburnfan’s Naked Ambitions

Hepburnfan’s got a lot to say for themselves yet again:

hepburnfan's moaning about nude censorship

‘And this thread is probably going to be taken down because this is considered to have ”adult themed” or controversial content but I could care less. There’s a time and place to experience everything; including a deletion of your thread.’

shakehead  shakehead

Hmmm… is this coincidence, or is this a former troll or flame warrior back in a new guise? Time will tell…

Sigzy05 was succinct, Nickibitsward meanwhile dryly pointed out that this is a tweenies game at best, and the grown ups would do well to remember that.

hepburnfan's moaning about nude censorship 1

Erm, aren’t you aiming Sims 4 at a far older target audience than is the case? Surely a five year old that’s been kept back at least one grade in school is more that market?

evilgrin    ehwhat mare's nest version

CravenLestat’s complaint however isn’t so much the blur as the size of it (well you will insist on using those ‘hung like an elephant’ mods the game has to allow for, young man!) whilst ChelleJo says ‘meh!’ to the bare…

hepburnfan's moaning about nude censorship 2

‘…shower woohoo, if you do like that sort of thing look up a video earthworms mating it is very similar.’

slaplol  smiley-shocked032

hepburnfan's moaning about nude censorship 3

Jack Thompson, Lisasc360? Would have been more appropriate had they been named John Thomas.

evilgrin  evilgrin

For World Explorer Pary and Sigzy04, it’s a portent of the Simming censorship to come.

hepburnfan's moaning about nude censorship 4

2040, Sigzy04? If bloody Trump gets in with all his reactionary redneck friends, it may be 2017!

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