Isn’t The Solution In Your Own Hands, DarciTheFox? (Surreal Shows You What You’re Missing!)

darcithefox on sims 3

You miss all these things – the color wheel, the animals, the occult, the toddlers, the open world… so why bother playing Sims 4 ?

Time is short, leisure time even shorter. Don’t play a game because you feel you have to justify the expense you shelled out for it. Play what you like and be happy.

GaiaHypothesis confessed to already having gone back, DreamsInPixels suggested an intriguing switch, whereas King_of_Simcity7 decided as ever to shove in someone completely random!

darcithefox on sims 3 1

As for Lucky25…

darcithefox on sims 3 2

Preach it man, PREACH IT!
worship  wiggle tongue

Hmmm, this is all sounding far too sensible and serious. This thread needs to be more surreal – ah, right on cue…

darcithefox on sims 3 3

You’d think she’s try casting an icy blast instead of making for the extinguisher!

facepalmhy2  slaplol

Mind you, she’s not the only one in Surreal’s game that’s starting fires – for plumbob’s sake Sharkloverplayer and CravenLestat sit down – and especially you Bookygirl13! – you’re likely to have heart attacks when you see what’s coming up next…

darcithefox on sims 3 4

thOMG  thOMG

Holy crap on a cracker, Surreal – that’s born-in game Simmie is VOLCANIC!

And her imaginary friend’s not exactly a windfall from the ugly tree either.

darcithefox on sims 3 5

Krabby_Pattiess was equally as bowled over, and it appears DarciTheFox was seeing the light.

darcithefox on sims 3 6

And of course, our Tangie-HappySimmer3 has also got some goodies of her own to whet your Sims 3 appetites…

darcithefox on sims 3 7

Including her inevitable World Explorer duties test driving TS1Depot’s Riverside:

darcithefox on sims 3 9

Although we’d like to know what a mid-80s Gary Numan with a baseball cap is doing in her hundred and twelve day challenge?

darcithefox on sims 3 8

Sigzy05 also had a hot Simmie to show off…

darcithefox on sims 3 10

smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

TadOlson however does not play Sims 3 on TadOlson’s computer in preference to Sims 4 – TadOlson never got it.

darcithefox on sims 3 11

TadOlson plays Sims 3 on TadOlson’s computer because TadOlson is... TadOlson.

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use  tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

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