Stdlr9 On A Familiar Theme

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3

Tsk! Silly Stdlr9! You cannot ride a unicorn through a neighbourhood!

Don’t you know you are only supposed to ride unicorns down the sides of erupting volcanoes whilst drinking from a chalice filled with the laughter of small children and the blood and tears of your enemies? It’s the rules!

(By the way Voltaire fans, in case you missed this…)

But we digress.

Opinion appeared to be split:

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 1

Sorry TS1Depot, but that’s simply not true. In the early days of Sims 3, older players would bounce back and forth between the two, but Sims 3 also had a lot of new players on board drawn in by the open world promise.

The only real moans of any note came from the easily ignored Mod The Sims and More Awesome Than You orbits because both had a far more sizeable contingent than the EA forum of people using the game as a masturbation aid and who weren’t going to touch the game until the same sicko mods available for Sims 2 were available for Sims 3, whereupon – surprise, surprise – the whinging stopped.

The Sims 2 nostalgiafest only started after the World Adventures patch debacle broke the game for many, and quickly disipated once it was patched properly. There was a renewed wave of Sims 2 revivalism a year later in 2011 for which the Simlogical and the Dead End Knights lot were largely to blame for what was little more than one of those silly bursts of gamers’ snobbery all gaming communities suffer from time to time from the self-appointed ‘important ones’ – the main effect of which was a terminal split in the ranks of Crazy Town but apart from that little else.

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 4

…which is the year when TS1Depot by their own admittance actually joined the Simming community. We rest out case, m’lud!

One old stalwart of the early EA forum for Sims 3 returned to chip his tuppenceworth in, along with the omnipresent Tangie-HappySimmer3.

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 2

And it wouldn’t be a talk about the old days without Rflong7/13 now, would it?

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 3

Not much surprises the Grand not-quite-that-Old-please-don’t-kick-us Dame of the Simming community, but she was utterly astonished at TadOlson’s revelations on how many of Twallan’s/NRaas Industries mods are in TadOlson’s game.

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 5

We’re not sure there is ninety seven mods from there available. Ah, sorry, we forgot of course the golden rule: TadOlson has ninety seven mods in TadOlson’s Sims 3 game because TadOlson…

… okay, okay, we’ve done that gag already today!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 6

Which reminds us, we’ve got a special message for returned failed troll ScottDemon:

hey fuck off

But to come back to the point about what happened back in 2009, as Surreal said to the naysayers, just remember the old EA forum still remains up (and oh, there’s also us too snapshotting the Simming world from that time onward!)

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 7

Not that it appears it’s going to stop TS1Depot talking complete and utter shite about events they’ve already admitted they weren’t around to witness.

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 8

Yes, why let facts get in the way of barfing the MTS/GoS/MATY historical revisionism line?

Thankfully JoAnne65 and Sk8trblaze weren’t letting them away with it:

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 9

JoAnne65’s work was not yet done – swapping tag team partners for World Explorer Pary to take care of the latest flame warrior SimFan298:

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 10

stdlr9 on people returning to sims 3 11

bravo  bravo

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