SimStaff Bethelle Exposed – But Have They Also Been Doxxed?

Now kiddiewinks for something we’ve been keeping secret for some time concerning events on the EA forum, and which we hope may illuminate why events there have been taking place. The matter has been discussed at some length over at Mod The Sims, primarily because no one dares talk about it on the EA forum without the risk of being instantly permabanned.

Every tale has a beginning, and ours begins in November last year, when the Jazz-Hands half of the Mare’s Nest team made the following post on the EA forum.

what got us banned

Pary’s quote is the only proof left that the post was ever made – for it was scrubbed with undue haste. In fact, a large number of posts made by Jazzy and by yours truly were being mysteriously scrubbed off the EA forum almost from the moment they were made … after the following post was made by us in October.

It seems that someone took a rather great exception to us saying:

‘For those of you who don’t know who T3ddy is (like SimStaff Bethelle, who may have had the sense to ban his sorry ass and be done with it had she done her homework…).’

No prizes for guessing the two words of importance – SimStaff Bethelle. The source of more discord and rancour in the new EA forum than all the trolls they’ve had since opening put together.

what got us banned 1

But after Steven7859 was chided by Dariu for questioning Simstaff Bethelle’s dictatorial behaviour…

Since SimStaff Bethelle was appointed to the new EA forum and the disastrous release of Sims 4 has caused a multitude of rancour, anyone daring to criticise the Glitterturd, the running of the EA forum – and plumbob help you EA or the Simgurus themselves! – can expect to find themselves closely monitored by SimStaff Bethelle, who seems to pride themselves in stamping out any form of dissent, however slight.

what got us banned 2

… guess who was banned in turn?

At the same time we were having a good pop at SimStaff Bethelle for being thick as shit over here, over at Mod The Sims, they were discusssing a certain World Explorer being subjected to false reporting…

what got us banned 3

… although we reckon that this had more to do with SimStaff Bethelle abusing their authority.

what got us banned 4

Pary was not the only World Explorer to find herself being monitored by SimStaff Bethelle for thought crimes…

We speak from personal experiences.

Within twenty four hours of the Jazz-Hands-OK post mentioned earlier being wiped, a message was sent by SimStaff Bethelle to our Jazzy telling her that ‘It has come to our attention’ that they had more than one account on the EA forum – or rather the new EA forum – and they needed to chose what account they wanted to keep and the other ones would be deleted.

Neither of us had ever made any secret of the fact The-Mares-Nest account or the Jazz-Hands-OK account were secondary accounts to our real ones on the old EA forum – and as all accounts were duplicated over to the new forum naturally they carried with it.

However, the accounts SimStaff Bethelle said were duplicates were the two we’ve just mentioned and – wait for it! – that of WaffenThinMint, who did help us out for a while a mere four years ago.

At that moment, a lot of things fell right into place. Jazz-Hands and The Mare’s Nest had both found a massive spike in their stats for about a month. The strange part was that it wasn’t any singular post which had done this, more a haphazard range of posts across the board. Moreover, there were posts that hadn’t been viewed for as long as we can remember that were flagging up… as if someone out there was looking for something.

It didn’t take our Jazzy to put two-and-two together and realise that Simguru Bethelle was simply choosing to pick out the accounts from people known to be working or have worked in the past for the Mare’s Nest that were in the public domain – not from any knowledge that had come from those at EA – and setting an impossible ultimatum which would lead to the banning of two unrelated accounts.

Indeed the ‘it has come to our attention’ phrase appeared a less than remarkable echo of the beginning to a spoof article done over at Jazz-Hands.  Perhaps lucky really that the recently returned to Simming ways Skeletal Screams doesn’t have any connection to the EA forum or she’d have also been banned as well!

Now whilst Tangie-HappySimmer3 and your humble narrator may be blessed with the gift of silver tongues in awkward situations with authority figures finding their inner Hitler, our Jazz has but two modes – shy and retiring, or full scale nuclear holocaust. And there’s nothing quite like a bare faced liar blatantly abusing their position to provoke unsubtle comment.

Jazzy’s blunt reply to SimStaff Bethelle was that ‘she’ knew damn well the accounts weren’t connected, that IP records and set up records would confirm them not to be related, and that perhaps they ought to be paying more attention to multiple banned idiots such as Colton147 returning and posting right under their noses in the same threads as themselves rather than indulging in petty spite.

End result: all three accounts were permabanned faster than you can say ‘plumbob’ – and the first your humble narrator knew about it was when a sheepish e-mail was sent over from JH explaining what had gone on.

Meanwhile, a certain forum owner also discovered they’d been banned weeks later courtesy of CaspinSim:

what got us banned 5

The March Violets’ resident Kraftdinnerland member Simspeaker4 had it more right than they realised with their surmise – but it also turned out that Minty had never even logged into his account on the new forum!

what got us banned 6

‘Getting banned without even trying is great going even by EA standards… But how nice to be banned from a forum I never joined or was asked if I wanted to join and never took a single part in!’

So if Minty wants to know why he was banned from ‘a forum I never joined or was asked if I wanted to join’ , now he and the rest of the Sims Forums March Violets knows.

(Yeah we should have told you, but it felt awkward after… well, you know. Sorry about that).

And that largely was that… until by a bizarre coincidence Jazzy was checking up in March on the welfare of a certain Jessamine Diane over on Deviant Art (our one time Pink Plumbobber has been going through tough times…) and during some random wanderings there afterwards, discovered the following post:

what got us banned 7

Wait? What? This Realitysquared aka $Realitysquared over at Deviant Art is also SimStaffBethelle?

what got us banned 8

Realitysquared (real name Daniel Sowers Jr) has been a moderator over at Deviant Art for longer than most there care to remember, and is the only moderator there to have been the subject of a series of petitions demanding his removal in addition to being a staple target over at Encyclopedia Dramatica (not exactly the most reliable source in the world, but useful for picking up some clues to past and present bumnuggetry…).

what got us banned 9

Interestingly that ‘come to our attention’ phrase turns up in the doxed chatlogs from 2007 over at ED. Hmmm…

what got us banned 10

what got us banned 11

The strange part is that this LadyWeasel doesn’t appear to have any Sims 3 or 4 connections – more games such as shooters. So how does she know these two are one and the same?  Certainly the cack-handed incompetence and over-the-top authoritarianism appear identical, but LadyWeasel’s apparant doxing raises more questions than answers.

what got us banned 12

Not least of all, if LadyWeasel’s accusation is true (and we really don’t know what to think of that one), why the hell did EA employ someone with no Sims series tradition to mod their forum?

The only explanation we can think of is that EA may have chosen to employ people with professional forum experience (ie. salaried to do it rather than volunteers) in the hope of getting ones that will do some work for once.

If so, we’d be asking for our money back, EA!

Certainly it’s not unheard of for people to make a (piss poor) wage out of forum moderation/administration (usually people working from home because of family commitments or because they’re basement dwellers…) – and if doing it for one, why not two or three to maximise your paycheck?

Anyway, if anyone has anything else to add to this mystery, we’ll be glad to read about it.

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